[Kitty walks into T.U.F.F. and sees Keswick carrying something underneath a blanket.]

  • Kitty: Hey Keswick! What is that? [Points to the item under the blanket]
  • Keswick: Just my n-nu-nuh-new invention, Want to be by test s-su-suh-subject? [Pulls off blanekt, Revealing a bottle-shaped ray gun...]
  • Kitty: [Gets in position] Uh, Is it safe?
  • Keswick: We'll just have to find out! [Aims ray gun at Kitty and blasts her. When the smoke finally clears, The screen transitions to the floor, Where Kitty is now a baby. Keswick motions over to her and picks her up...]
  • Keswick: KITTY! What happened?!
  • Kitty: [laughs, blows a raspberry and drools...]
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