The Crackpot Catis a episode of The Epic Adventures of Kitty and Keswick.


Kitty Katswell is mad with Keswick and sells all his stuff while Keswick is buying invention parts. Now Keswick has to live with Kitty, who acts like a goofball in private life.


  • Some of Keswick's stuff that Kitty sold included his butter ray, his Young Gun, his shrinking ray, his spare glasses, clothing, his spare invention parts, and his entire laboratory.
  • Kitty was mad at Keswick because he didn't let her help him with his new invention: Villain-Be-Gone, a rifle that shoots a sack towards the bad guy, catches it, and tosses it all the way to Austraila.
  • Kitty's goofball traits include: crushing things, drinking (Not as in Beer or Wine or any other achohual realated drinks),and getting weirder by the minute.


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